January 24, 2017

Who Uses Online Maps? Mapping with

Many people ask us, after coming to our website, why can't i see a map? Or how can I see where I live? If these questions come to mind, you're probably not the person this platform was meant for. was developed as a platform to allow others to build their own applications/maps on, using our data, your data, or 3rd party data.

January 18, 2017

Industries Ripe for 3D Maps - Infographic

What industries do you think can benefit the most from 3D maps? There are certain cases where having 3D maps might be information overload, and some cases where 3D maps should be the norm.

January 12, 2017

Web-based Map Creation and Sharing

More and more organizations are using online maps on a daily basis. Whether they’re local governments, real estate agencies or media agencies covering a sports event, their location information needs to be managed, visualized and updated constantly for quality purposes.